The Chick Corea Chamber Orchestra (Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie with Chick Corea Quartet)
'In the spirit of Mozart' tour,
Teatro dei Serici, Belvedere Reale di San Leucio, Caserta, Italy, July 13 2006

Pictures coming soon.

First part:
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 1: Africa)
W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491 (I Allegro)
W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491 (II Larghetto)
W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491 (III Allegretto)
Second part:
Band/orchestra introduction
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 2: Europe)
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 3: Australia)
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 4: America)
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 5: Asia)
Piano concerto No. 2 The continents (part 6: Antartica)
Encore 1 (Quartet)
Encore 2 (Mozart Piano concerto reprise)

with Chick Corea Quartet:
Chick Corea: piano
Tim Garland: sax and flute
Marcus Gilmore: drums
Hans Glawischnig: double bass
and the Bavarian chamber philharmonic orchestra

A wonderful night in a wonderful location, an openair theatre inside the Royal Belevedere in San Leucio, Caserta. This is the website of the location:

Programme Note:
To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Wiener Mozartjahr 2006
(Mozart Year Vienna) commissioned a new piano concerto from the esteemed American composer and pianist,
Chick Corea. The selection committee found within Mr. Corea's extensive boundless creativity, a kindred
spirit of Mozart's and knew he would create a work not only In The Spirit Of Mozart, but a piece that would
become an important addition to the classical canon. Mr. Corea's composition "Piano Concerto No. 2", had
its world premiere at the Vienna State Opera House on July 1st under the auspices of Wiener Mozartjahr
2006. Mr. Corea performed at the keyboards with the specially selected 30-member Chick Corea Chamber
Orchestra. Their full concert program featured the "Piano Concerto No. 2", as well as Mozart's "Piano
Concerto No. 24", and selected jazz compositions. Additional special guest musicians on the tour include
the esteemed jazz saxophonist, Tim Garland and the young drumming sensation Marcus Gilmore, grandson of the
legendary jazz drummer, Roy Haynes and a favorite bassist of Chick's, Austrian native, Hans Glawischnig.
After the debut performance, Corea embarked on a major tour of the concerto to Italy, France, Germany,
Switzerland, Spain, and Turkey. In an online review, JazzTimes critic John Schu stated, "The composition
itself, which is divided into segments representing each of the continents with the exception of a combined
North and South America, ranged from interesting to beautiful... A recording of Concerto No. 2 would make a
welcome addition to Corea's discography."