Gary Burton Quartet with Pat Metheny, Live at Umbria jazz 2006
Teatro Morlacchi, Perugia, Italy, 16 July 2006

Open your eyes you can fly (by Chic Corea)
Olhos De Gato (by Carla Bley)
Falling Grace (by Steve Swallow)
Question and Answer (by Pat Metheny)
Coral (by Keith Jarrett)
Missouri Uncompromised (by Pat Metheny)
B And G (Midwestern Night's Dream) (by Pat Metheny)
Walter L (by Gary Burton)
I'm your pal (by Steve Swallow)
Ladies In Mercedes
audience is waiting for the encore
Fleurette Africaine (Little African Flower) (by Duke Ellington)
Sea Journey (by Chic Corea-Neville Potter)
The audience is disappointed as a third encore is expected, but the musicians won't come out, despite an acoustic guitar has been brought on the stage

Gary Burton: vibraphone
Luques Curtis: double bass
Pat Metheny: guitar
Antonio Sanchez: drums

The concert begun at 23:59, as written on the ticket, at the Teatro Morlacchi. It was the main concert scheduled for that Sunday, the last day of the Umbria jazz Festival, edition 2006. I will take you all back to that night, listening to my awesome clear audience recording from the first row, seat #6.
Pat Metheny re-joined to the Gary Burton quartet 30 years after, together with his actual favourite drummer Antonio Sanchez. Steve Swallow was replaced by bass player Luques Curtis. The show was quite short and apart from the Gary Burton introductions between one piece and another, Pat Metheny did not say any words to the audience.