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  Fasano jazz '05 Il soundcheck

Hatfield and the North

6 giugno 2005
Fasano (BR)
Teatro J Kennedy


With Pip Pyle not completely recovered from a recent back operation, Mark Fletcher (In Cahoots' drummer) is asked to augment Hatfield for a series of European shows

Richard Sinclair
Phil Miller
Pip Pyle
Alex Maguire
Theo Travis
Mark Fletcher

Cconfernza stampa di Jonathan Coe prima del concerto

Sasio, Mr. Plod, Geppo, Peppe



"Licks For The Ladies",
"Take Your Pick",
"Share It",
"Keep On Caring",
"Seven Sisters",
"God Song",
"Lything And Gracing" // "What's Rattlin'?",
"What In The World",
"Disassociation" // "Halfway Between Heaven And Earth",
"Didn't Matter Anyway",
"Felafel Shuffle"

Sasio, Mark Fletcher, Pip Pyle, Achille

Pip Pyle, Mark Fletcher, Antonio