Ian Anderson plays Jethro Tull at Christmas, Bergamo, Italy, Teatro Creberg, December 09, 2010

The band:

Ian Anderson: flute, vocals, acoustic guitar
Florian Opahle: electric guitar
Scott Hammond: drums
John O’Hara: accordion, keyboards
David Goodie: bass guitar
Sturcz Quartet:
Gergely Balázs: 1st violin
Péter Szilágyi: 2nd violin
Gyula Benko: viola
András Sturcz: cello

I saw Ian Anderson on December, 9th 2010 in Bergamo, Italy, a great show in my own opinion!
I think Ian is always a good flute player, despite his age. He doesn't jump as long as the past from one side of the stage to the other, and his voice has been depressing for the last years, but he is still an amazing performer during the whole show. I'd preferred hearing the string quartet louder than the other instruments. In my opinion, the best moment of the show has been the Jethro tunes medley for string quartet.
I was sitted just in the center of the 9th row. The acoustic-level was not the best-ever, as the Creberg theatre is very very large for an acoustic concert.
Anyway, I appreciated the show!

Set list:

PART 1 (54:20)
01. Jack-In-The-Green
02. -- Ian talks and introduces the band
03. Hare In The Wine Cup
04. -- Ian talks
05. We five kings
06. -- Ian talks about Florian
07. Set-Aside
08. -- Ian talks
09. Holly Herald
10. -- Ian talks
11. Another Christmas song
12. -- Ian talks
13. Song with no name
14. -- Ian talks
15. Adrift & Dumbfounded
16. -- Ian introduces Sturcz Quartet from Budapest
17. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
18. -- Ian talks about the next string quartet medley
19. Songs from the wood / Too old to r'n'r / Heavy horses
20. -- Ian talks about J.S. Bach
21. Bach's Prelude in C Major / Bouree
PART 2 (61:18)
01. Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor
02. -- Ian talks about the astronaut Paolo Nespoli
03. Birthday card at Christmas
04. -- Ian talks
05. God rest ye Merry Gentlemen
06. -- Ian talks about his benefit concert in India with Anoushka Shankar
07. A Change of Horses
08. -- Ian talks about King Henry VIII
09. Pastime with Good Company (also known as "The King's Ballad", an English folk song written by King Henry VIII)
10. Budapest
11. Aqualung
12. -- Band introduction / cheers before the encore
13. Locomotive Breath
14. -- Crowd outro/What a wonderful world