Steven Wilson
Gran Teatro Geox, Padova


1. Intro
2. Trains (Porcupine Tree song) voice/guitar
3. Luminol
4. Postcard
5. The Holy Drinker
6. Improvisation (SW e Guthrie Govan on guitar)
7. Drive Home
8. Untitled New Song (the song changes name every night, tonight is called 'wreckage')
9. The Watchmaker Video
10. The Watchmaker
11. Index
13.Harmony Korine
14.Improvisation (SW e Adam Holzman on mellotron)
15.Raider II
16.The Raven That Refused to Sing
17. Encore:
18.Reminder the black dog
19.Happy Returns (new song)
20.Band introduction
21.Ljudet Innan

The band
Steven Wilson
Adam Hozman
Chad Wakerman
Nick Beggs
Theo Travis
Guthrie Govan

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